Single Visit Same Day Dental Crowns in Nobleville

Same-Day Dental Crowns

At Hamilton Town Dentistry, we understand that it can be challenging to fit dental care into your busy schedule. Especially when some treatments typically require more than one appointment to complete. We’ve invested in state-of-the-art resources like 3D CAD/CAM equipment to provide you with the best possible care in fewer trips to the dental office. Today, we’re proud to provide same-day dental crowns at our office in Noblesville, IN.

Dr. Greg Hopkinson and a patient  in Noblesville, Indiana - Hamilton Town Dentistry
CEREC technology - CAD/CAM - For Dental Veneers and Dental Crowns in Noblesville, Indiana - Hamilton Town Dentistry

Benefits of Single Visit Crowns

  • No temporary crowns!
  • All done in a single visit, so no second appointment!
  • High quality, durable all-ceramic crowns!
  • Great fit and esthetics!
  • No goopy impression material!

Our same day crowns are made of a durable ceramic material called zirconia. Not only are they long-lasting and functional, but they also blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth. - Technology at Hamilton Town Dentistry

Same-Day vs. Traditional Crowns

In the past, getting a crown involved multiple visits to the dentist’s office and wearing a temporary crown in the meantime. But with our advanced in-house technology, we can now offer same day dental crowns. This means you can come in for your appointment and leave with your permanent crown on the same day. 

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