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When Is an Alveoloplasty procedure Necessary

When Is an Alveoloplasty procedure Necessary?

You may be a candidate for alveoloplasty, whether you have recently lost teeth or had them removed due to dental problems or other trauma to the mouth (such as an accident). This procedure involves the insertion of artificial bone into the space left by missing teeth. This standard method helps smooth the lower jaw so that effective corrective surgery or denture fitting can be done. This makes it possible to have either procedure done.

The dentist in Noblesville knows all the conditions that require this procedure. To learn more about this procedure, read the blog. 

What exactly is an alveoloplasty?

When teeth are extracted, a dental procedure called alveoloplasty is performed to reshape the mouth’s jawbones and other bone structures. The process known as alveoloplasty reshapes the alveolar bone to create a flat surface inside the mouth. It gets its name from the alveolar bone.

Similar to our outward appearances, the interiors of our mouths are uniquely individual to each of us. The jawbone can take on a ridged, wavy, or bumpy appearance after teeth have been extracted or lost. The dental procedure known as alveoloplasty can make this surface more uniform.

The following are the conditions the Noblesville dentist will treat with an alveoloplasty procedure.

  • Fitting for dentures

In cases where patients are missing teeth and have full or partial dentures fabricated, alveoloplasty may be required to ensure that the dentures have a secure fit on the gum.

There may be spaces between the denture and the gum if the bone in the area has bumps or ridges. This can cause severe friction or infection over time because it traps food particles and causes them to build up.

  • To repair bone after wisdom tooth extraction

When teeth are extracted, the jawbone is sometimes left in a compromised state.

When several teeth are extracted at once, the bone will be left with gaps that otherwise would not have been there. This damage can be repaired using alveoloplasty in conjunction with extractions to close the gap (or, as above, to prep for dentures).

  • To restore lost density in the jawbone.

Dentures may not fit correctly if the jawbone has naturally thinned over time.

If you have been missing teeth for an extended period, the bones in your mouth will also become more fragile. The dental procedure known as alveoloplasty creates a sufficiently spacious space for dentures to settle into.

An alveoloplasty is more likely to be successful, safe, and comfortable when performed by a gentle, experienced doctor.

Dentists in Noblesville offer comprehensive care while performing the alveoloplasty method. Get in touch with Hamilton Town Dentistry today if you live in Noblesville or any nearby area and look for a qualified dental surgeon.