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Importance of tongue cleaning using a tongue scraper

What is the importance of cleaning your tongue?

Are you cleaning your tongue daily? Do you have a bad breath problem? Studies have suggested that bacteria, fungi, plaque, food that rot between the teeth, gum disease, and tooth decay are some of the key reasons behind the bad breath problem. There are several types of bacteria within a person’s mouth, and the number of bacteria varies from person to person. These bacteria that feed on proteins can produce a foul smell within the mouth of the person. It is also known as halitosis or bad breath problem. These bacteria will be present in the back and the top of the tongue, and they remain there undisturbed unless and until the person makes an important effort to remove them. The tongue surface will consist of papillae, fungi, and dead cells present on both the surface of the tongue and inside the cheeks.

Tongue Cleaning To Avoid Bad Breath Problem

According to the dentist in Noblesville, Tongue cleaning should be part of your daily oral habits, apart from brushing and flossing. You should consider it, especially if you have the problem of bad breath. Tongue cleaning can be performed using a toothbrush or a tongue scraper. The tongue scraper can be made up of metal, or it is made up of plastic. While tongue scraping, initially, you may feel uncomfortable while scraping the tongue from the back of the mouth. But with proper practice, one can overcome the discomfort they feel while scraping the back of the tongue.

Arch-Shaped Tongue Scraper

However, if you are making use of a normal toothbrush for tongue cleaning, it is desirable to put a small amount of paste in it to help you taste good, and it does a thorough cleaning job too. Since the tongue’s surface is spongy, a tongue scraper will be most effective in removing plaque. The arch-shaped tongue scraper is the most comfortable among the different types of tongue scraper available. The arch-shaped tongue scraper can be used with both hands, and it covers a wider area of the tongue. You should reach far back of the tongue and then slowly remove the debris and hold it as it goes from the tip of the tongue. You should repeat the process at least two to three times, and the tongue scraper has to be rinsed off in between. The tongue cleaning has to be performed at least once, especially after brushing your teeth. It gives you a fresh breath, but it also reduces the presence of bacteria drastically. Schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Noblesville for regular dental checkup and to know about the importance of good oral habits such as brushing, flossing and tongue cleaning etc.