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Various benefits of white tooth-colored fillings

What are the advantages of white tooth-colored fillings?

Tooth decay is one of the common problems people face worldwide nowadays. It has led to the growing popularity of tooth-colored fillings. Those looking at you won’t even recognize that you have a tooth-colored filling in your teeth. During earlier years, metal or amalgam fillings were the preferred choice in restorative dentistry. But with the introduction of white tooth-colored fillings, it has given people the choice of having a filling that resembles their natural teeth. The tooth-colored fillings can be applied in both front teeth and back of the teeth.

Thanks to the latest advancements in dentistry that have led to significant progress in the quality and durability of tooth-colored fillings. White tooth-colored fillings were there earlier itself. But it is only recently that it has become more robust and more durable so that it can be placed in the back teeth where much of the hard chewing is done. It also bonds better to the structure of the tooth.

Advantages of White Tooth-Colored Fillings

The aesthetic finish of the restoration is one of the main benefits of tooth-colored fillings. It is available in various shades, and the dental office in Noblesville will choose the one that suits your teeth shade. Thus it gives a superior and attractive look that you cannot experience while using a filling made up of amalgam or gold. Unlike amalgam filling, which requires a lot of tooth structure to be compromised for holding the material in place, white tooth-colored fillings can be bonded directly between the teeth with the help of a bonding agent. It helps a lot in preventing the strength of the tooth that has been restored.


During the consultation with the dentist in Noblesville, they will do the oral examination of the teeth. Furthermore, they will take x-rays to understand the depth of tooth decay. Based on the results, the Noblesville dentist decides whether or not white tooth-colored fillings will be suitable for the restoration of your teeth. The tooth will then be prepared to get rid of dental decay. The white tooth-colored fillings are then placed over the prepared area considering the tooth’s anatomy. After preparation of the tooth, it is then isolated for preventing contamination due to saliva. The prepared area of the tooth is then coated using a bonding agent, which is then cured using a light source. It is then hardened using a light source. Your bite will be checked based on which adjustments will be done to make fillings comfortable in your mouth. Finally, the restoration will be polished by using ideal polishing techniques.

Are you on the search for white tooth-colored fillings? Then contact the best dentist in Noblesville for affordable tooth-colored fillings.

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