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Introducing iTero Intraoral Scanner

We have some exciting new things going on here at Hamilton Town Dentistry. We are constantly trying to evolve and add new technology to provide better service to our patients. 

itero scan invisalign

Recently we have added a new intraoral digital scanner to our practice, called iTero. This scanner can do some amazing things! 

  • Diagnostics: We can take a scan of your full upper and lower arches, and evaluate your occlusion (how your teeth come together). This helps us to evaluate some areas where you may be hitting heavier than others, causing excess wear. It can also help us evaluate how your teeth are moving over time to evaluate for orthodontics.
  • Restorative: For crowns, bridges, and implants we can now scan your prepared tooth and send your digital impression to the lab to have your crown made, rather than taking a goopy impression. Better yet, it will come back faster, so less time wearing a temporary crown. Another added benefit is that these scans are even more accurate than traditional impressions, so you’ll get a better fit with your crown off the bat.
  • Invisalign: Another great feature about the iTero is the seamless integration with Invisalign. We can do a scan and within a few minutes you can see a simulation of what your potential outcome could be after completing Invisalign. We then could send this scan directly to Invisalign to have your clear aligners made, rather than having to take impressions and send them off. If you’ve been thinking about doing Invisalign, there has never been a better time than now. We are currently running a special to celebrate the new addition of the iTero to our practice. If you start Invisalign treatment between now and the end of the year, you will receive $500 off. 

itero invisalign scan

  • Implants: Using the combination of the new technology that we have recently added to our practice, including the iTero, CBCT (cone beam computed tomography, aka 3D X-ray), and our 3D printer, we are able to plan out implants and do guided surgeries. This gives us a very predictable result and makes the surgery much quicker and easier.

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