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Root Canal


A root canal is a dental procedure that needs to be performed by a dentist when a tooth has got severe decay which in turn infected the nerve tissue badly.

What causes tooth decay? 

Tooth decay is caused when the bacteria present in our mouths, and the foods that we consume, form an acid that harms the tooth. Two main factors that put your teeth at a higher risk of decay are consuming sugary food items and smoking cigarettes. 

A hole in the tooth formed because of decay is known as a cavity. When you detect a cavity, you must visit the dentist in order to get a dental filling. If the tooth is left untreated, it further decays and the hole can become deeper, and you will certainly need a root canal.

When does your cavity become a root canal?

Your tooth has three layers: enamel (the topmost layer), dentin (the middle layer), and nerve tissue (the last and deepest layer). If the tooth has got decay on the enamel or dentin, just a dental filling is enough to fix the cavity and solve the problem. But, if the cavity is left untreated, the decay will extend to the deepest layer of your tooth. If this situation arises, a root canal is essential in order to repair the tooth.

What are the symptoms that you need a root canal?

When you have a cavity that has extended to your nerve tissue, you may feel some or even every of these given symptoms below:

  • Serious toothache whenever any kind of pressure (such as chewing) is inserted on the tooth
  • Extreme tooth sensitivity to heat or cold foods/drinks
  • Gums start to swell
  • Tender gums
  • Tooth becomes discolored

 How is a root canal process carried out? 

First, the dentist will apply local anesthesia to numb the area near the affected tooth. Next, he/she will remove the tooth’s decayed nerve tissue and any other related damages. After cleaning out and washing the tooth properly, the dentist will implement the dental filling and seal it. Since the procedure includes such delicate tissue deep in the tooth, you may sense some kind of discomfort after this process.

 How can you ensure that the cavity doesn’t turn into a root canal? 

The root canal method is much more involved than a simple dental filling. And it also costs you more. The best approach to avoid the requirement for a root canal is to take proper dental care of your teeth with-

  • regular and routinely brushing 
  • flossing daily
  • attending dental check-ups on a regular basis 
  • getting your cavities filled without any delay

Once the tooth has begun to decay, the problem will just get more and more complicated. The more you wait to fill a cavity there is more risk that you may require a root canal. 

 Get the help you need! 

You can get in touch with Hamilton Town Dentistry if you want to get the best root canal treatment in Noblesville, IN. We even provide dental fillings. Our dentist in Noblesville will advise the perfect treatment option based on your need and will always deliver you the quality dental care that you deserve. We are just a call away.

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