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Fluoride Varnish

All You Need To Know About Fluoride Varnish

What Are Fluoride Varnishes?

Dental decay is referred to by several different terms, including dental caries or cavities. When there is irreparable damage to the hard tissues of the tooth enamel, the process of decay develops. It is a very common oral problem that is prevalent among both youngsters and adults. Topical fluoride treatments like Fluoride Varnishes have been used to prevent dental decay for many years. It is used as a treatment to prevent tooth demineralization by strengthening tooth enamel. This dental product comes as a gel, varnish, paste, or mouth rinse. Some of these applications can be used at home, while others may only be performed in a dental office.

Now, let us try to understand what a fluoride varnish is. It is a highly concentrated form of fluoride administered to the surface of the tooth by a dentist, dental hygienist, or other health care professional as a type of dental therapy.  Nowadays, fluoride varnish is widely known to be the most effective topical fluoride, decreasing decay by 25 to 60% in adults and children. This type of fluoride therapy is advised twice a year for patients who are at intermediate risk for decay. In the case of a patient with severe cases of dental decay, this therapy is recommended for him or her four times a year. 

Uses of Fluoride Varnish

The uses of this type of fluoride treatments are as follows:

  • At high doses, fluoride varnish can halt bacterial metabolism, causing less acid production.
  • It inhibits the progression of dental demineralization.
  • It strengthens the enamel’s resistance to damage from acid.
  • It is used to treat the increasingly common root dentin lesions.
  • It also plays a huge role in eliminating caries on exposed root surfaces.

Perfect Candidate For This Treatment

Most people believe that fluoride treatments are just for children who have cavities or for those who live in areas where the drinking water is not fluoridated. The good news about topical fluoride treatments is that they can be quite beneficial to people of all ages, including:

  • Healthy tooth maintenance habits for children who are developing.
  • Adults who have a history of dental decay.
  • People who have fragile tooth enamel.
  • People who suffer from severe tooth sensitivity.

Is Fluoride Varnish Considered Safe for Adults and Children?

Fluoride varnish is harmless and is used by dentists and doctors all over the world to help youngsters avoid tooth decay. Only a small amount is utilized, and it hardens immediately after application. 

After 4 to 12 hours, it is brushed off. The flavor of the products appeals to the majority of people. Some fluoride varnish brands can make your teeth appear lackluster or yellow. However, once the fluoride varnish is removed, the color of your teeth will revert to normal.

Therefore we hope that our blog has helped you to understand everything about fluoride varnish. If you need the best preventive dental care in Noblesville, IL, then please visit us at Hamilton Town Dentistry. We are happy to help you with all your dental needs.

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