Restoring Your Smile Back to Its Healthy, Beautiful State

We work passionately to provide natural restorations that blend seamlessly with your teeth.

If your teeth require restorations due to cavities or fractured tooth structure we are here to help.  We utilize only the best materials and techniques to provide you restorations that are both beautiful and long lasting.  You can rest assured that what we will go above and beyond to provide you the quality care you deserve.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

We provide only tooth-colored fillings at Hamilton Town Dentistry to give your teeth a natural appearance.  When providing a restoration, we shade match your teeth to ensure your new filling will blend perfectly with your natural teeth and other restorations.  Resin fillings (tooth-colored restorations) are bonded in placed to provide minimal to no post-operative sensitivity and years of service.  Each restoration is individually contoured and polished to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.  We use only the highest quality restorative materials to ensure the most esthetic and durable tooth-colored restoration possible.

Porcelain Crowns

We provide porcelain, tooth-colored crowns (all-ceramic) that are lifelike and blend naturally with your other teeth.  A crown is placed on a tooth that has had large restorations, a root canal, or fractured areas to prevent the tooth from breaking.  Crowns are used to reinforce teeth by directing the force down the center line of the tooth and holding the tooth together.  A dental crown also allows us to achieve optimal esthetics and contours of the tooth when the extent of decay or previous restorations does not allow us to achieve ideal results with a filling.  We only use the highest quality materials available to get a result that is both lifelike and strong.  All of our crowns are fabricated by a local lab that specializes in crowns and bridges.  This allows us to obtain a fit that is second to none and will provide service for many years given proper home care.  We even offer custom shade matching in which the owner of the lab will come in to your appointment to custom stain your crown to match your natural teeth.

Root Canal Therapy

We are happy to be able to provide endodontic therapy, commonly called a root canal, to our patients.  Root canals are performed to save teeth that may other-wise require extraction.  A root canal is recommended when decay reaches the nerve deep inside the tooth or the nerve is exposed through injury.  Contrary to popular belief, root canals should not be painful.  After gaining complete anesthesia and isolating the tooth.  We remove the infected nerve of the tooth and clean all of the nerve canals.  The canals are then disinfected and a filling material is placed to seal the canals of the tooth.  The access cavity is then filled with a white filling.  Often times after a root canal, a crown will be recommended to reinforce the tooth and prevent fracture.  Root canals can normally be completed in only one or two comfortable appointments and have a high success rate under most circumstances.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Repair Decayed Tooth Structure

Porcelain Crowns

Repair Broken Teeth or Large Cavities

Root Canal Therapy

Saving Natural Teeth

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